These Galaxy Bedding Turns Your Bed Into a Space Station


If you’re like me, sleeping is probably your favorite hobby right?, i know, trust me, from one sleeping fan to another, we are the same. And as a sleeping pro you can’t afford not to make sure your bed is comfy enough for you to sleep like an angel that you are. More often than not, bed covers and bed sheets play a major role in your sleeping regimen, and when you have bed covers, you sleep bad. Introducing: The Galaxy Bedding

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Jail Betray, a bedding designer has organized a stellarly gorgeous series of galaxy duvet covers or galaxy bedding if you will that will make you feel like you’re sleeping next to millions of stars. Each of the galaxy bedding covers is printed with a large, high definition print of a mystical moon, twirling galaxy, or cloudy gases. All of the unique designs are available on this Etsy shop. The shop currently displays nine different designs with the prices set on $148 – $228 depending on your bed size for each. You can also have a custom order made just for you. After sleeping on these beautiful sheets, we can guarantee you won’t want to go back to your regular old sheets.

Betray has nine different designs on display for his galaxy bedding series, all of which including a duvet cover, two pillow cases and a bed sheet. A very ideal present to your astronomy or astrology loving friends or even just for you, treat yourself with a new bedroom set that we know you’ll love.

The Galaxy bedding set comes in a variety of colors

galaxy bedding 1


You will feel like sleeping in outer space while you rest your head

galaxy bedding 2

Jail Betray is the man behind this cool designs of space bedding

spacing bedding 3

galaxy bedding 4

stars bedding 5

stars bedding 6

space bedding 7

galaxy beddings 8

galaxy bedding 9

Going to space has never been this easy or cool. Get one of these sheets for yourself or for a friend before they run out. You can also just share this with a friend, either way, we’re happy you stopped by
More info: Etsy (h/t: lostateminor)



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