These Chocolate Slices From Japan Will Completely Blow Your Mind

Well, this I would call a revolutionary invention. You’ve all used slices of cheese that are usually packed in a package of five or ten, which are very convenient for making sandwiches, and you probably adore them for that. Imagine now the same package of slices, but instead of cheese there are slices of chocolate! What do you say? Revolutionary, right?

The great idea was developed by Bourbon, a well-known brand in Japanese chocolate industry. The sliced chocolate comes in packages of five, slices are two millimeters thick and they are made of  “nama chocolate” which is thick chocolate that’s made with an intense combination of high-quality cocoa and cream.

chocolate slice 1

You can let your imagination run wild and think of enormous possibilities you can use the slices in baking and decorating.  You can see on the photos in the gallery some suggestions; roll it up to make chocolate roses, use molds of various shapes to make awesome decorations… It depends on your skills and imaginations how far will you go.

You can start your new life with chocolate slices in it and order a package from Bourbon’s online store. You can order bulk bundles of one dozen five-slice packs which will cost you 3,240 yen or $27 dollars. What will you do with all that sweet slices?! Share with us your ideas!

chocolate slice 2

chocolate slice 3

chocolate slice 4

chocolate slice 5

chocolate slice 6

chocolate slice 7

chocolate slice 8

Source: Nerdist


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