Japanese Teacher Creates Stunning Chalk Board Art For His Class Every Day


I don’t know anyone that didn’t have the impulse to draw on the chalkboard in school. Sometimes even the teacher would draw something on the board at the beginning of class. The chalk board art that was on the board in my class was usually just stick figures. But someone seems to have taken it to a whole new level.

Hirotaka Hamasaki is a teacher in Japan with a talent for chalkboard art. He inspires his students every day with detailed recreations of famous artwork on the chalkboard. I don’t know how he finds the time to create detailed artwork and teach students. He must get up really early or stay late after school. Whatever he’s doing, he’s kicking ass at it. Hirotaka also has a prominent online presence so we can all see his latest work. Check out his work on Instagram.

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Hirotaka Hamasaki is an art teacher and also a graphic designer

chalk board art 2 (1)


Every day he surprises his students with amazing chalk board art

chalk board art 3 (1)

He loves recreating popular art pieces that look beautiful on the board

chalk board art 5 (1)

He also created a scene from the popular anime film ” Your Name “

chalkboard art 4 (1)

It must takes him hours to complete each piece so it’s safe to say this teacher is going the extra mile

chalkboard art 6 (1)


Graduating to this cool chalk painting makes it all that great

chalk board art 7 (1)

chalk board art 8 (1)

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