a Unicorn Cafe Is Now Real Thanks To Bangkok And Our Dreams Come True

Unicorns are magical creatures that spreads joy and happiness everywhere they go, But of course they only exist in the mind of young children ( sorry guys ). But thanks to Bangkok, Unicorns are now a little bit closer to reality. Introducing the Unicorn Cafe, Where everything is pink and reality doesn’t matter. The bangkok Unicorn Cafe has unicorns pretty much everywhere, everything is pink and even the dishes are rainbow colored plates, While you’re there you can order the unicorn rainbow toast, the unicorn waffles and that’s just to get things going. Don’t forget to try the cotton candy milkshake which one blogger described as being the taste of heaven.

Next time you’re in Bangkok, jump on the unicorn trend and visit this cool unicorn cafe, because we all know you want to.

Here’s a short video showing what this cafe is all about:

The Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, truly a magical place

Everything is rainbow colored, even the food!


How about some rainbow colored cake

Or a cool smoothie? Yummy


So many unicorns, it’s like a dream

The staff actually spends a lot of their time drinking coffee with unicorns


They’re even dressed in awesome unicorn pyjamas

Don’t forget to share this magical place with your friends, make them happy

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