Adorable Cats Insist On Sleeping Together Even After Outgrowing Their Bed

Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling (1)

In the photo above are Renley and Lili, two brother-sister cats. Renley, the ginger cat, and Lili, the gray cat, are adopted Maine coon cats. And what’s so special about this simplistic duo? Actually, nothing much, they’re just too cute! Too cute in their inseparability which is going on ever since they were adopted.

In the gallery below you are allowed to melt over photos of these two sleeping in the silliest positions due to the fact that they’ve outgrown their kitty bed. When they were little enough the favorite thing to do was to cuddle up for a nap in their favorite spot. Inch by Inch the cats got bigger, but the bed stayed the same, naturally. Instead of finding a new spot for resting or, God forbid, separate when sleeping, these two cats kept insisting on their usual routine which led to a series of hilarious photos which their owners are sharing generously with us on Instagram account. The bunch of photos of these cuties squeezing and spilling out of the cat bed guarantees a smile at least, so we hope they will not stop sharing Renley’s and Lili’s sleeping poses.

‘They both just love sleeping there, so they both butt into it until someone gets too hot and moves elsewhere,” explained owner Sonja.

Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling 2 (1)

Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling 3 (1)

Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling 4 (1)

Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling 5 (1)

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Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling 7 (1)

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