Hilarious Guy Placed Fake Animal Facts All Over Los Angeles Zoo


California comedian genius Obviousplant has done it again. He recently went to the L.A zoo and placed fake animal facts signs all over the animals cages. This idea was not only hilarious, but it also tried and educate the visitors on some very cool facts like why penguins wear tuxedos, or how owls are related to the TV show Friends. He definitely made the place a little bit more interesting to the visitors of that day. Check out some of his best fake animal facts signs below:

1: The southern crested screamer

fake animal signs 1


2: Penguins

fake animal signs 2

3: Meerkats

fake animal signs 3

4: Barn Owls

fake animal signs 4

5: Ducklings

fake animal signs 5


6: Bears

fake animal signs 6

7: Gibbons

fake animal signs 7

8: Koalas

fake animal signs 8

9: Flamingos

fake animal facts 9
Source: Facebook