Jason McGroarty Takes Black And White Flowers Photos To Show The Beautiful Symmetry Of Nature

Jason McGroarty is a self-taught and very talented photographer. He first began taking photos of things in his everyday life. Shortly after that, he developed a keen interest in floral photography. But he wasn’t so interested in the average garden flowers you might see in their natural place. He wanted to focus on a totally different and somewhat unexpected element of the garden flowers.

“I removed the most distracting element – the color.”

It may seem counterintuitive to take black and white photos of flowers to create this cool black and white flowers gallery, but it really does make sense. There is so much more to a flower than it’s color. The shape and symmetry are much more profound than the color.

Take a look at some of these black and white flowers photos taken by Jason and you’ll see what I mean. Once you take away the color, the other elements of beauty are much easier to notice. Let us know what you think of Jason’s work in the comments section. More info: Website

1. Photographer Jason McGroarty captures the real elegance of flowers by stripping away their most distracting feature…

black and white flowers (1)

2. Their colors!

black and white flowers 2 (1)

3. When you strip the color of flowers, you suddenly see a lot more stunning features you might have missed because the color takes all the focus

black and white flowers 3 (1)

4. That is why these black and white flowers are so cool to me. I see a lot more things i never would have see when looking at them with colors.

black and white flowers 4 (1)

5. It’s a beautiful thing to see each flower’s shape and different style

black and white flowers 5 (1)

6. It’s almost like looking at sculptures created by humans. But maybe flowers are nature’s art?

black and white flowers 6 (1)

7. Whatever your reason to loving these pictures, it’s no doubt that flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature

black and white nature photos 7 (1)


black and white nature photos 8 (1)


black and white nature photos 9 (1)


black and white nature photos 10 (1)


black and white nature photos 11 (1)


black and white nature photos 12 (1)


black and white nature photos 13 (1)


black and white nature photos 14 (1)


black and white nature photos 15 (1)


black and white nature photos 16 (1)


black and white nature photos 17 (1)


black and white flowers 18 (1)

Let’s share these beautiful flowers with some friends to inspire others to document their work


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