Incredible Bent City Coffee Table Will Transform Your Living Room Into a Scene From Inception


Bent City Coffee Table 1

Inception is a great, confusing, mind-boggling movie. From that movie, Stelios Mousarris was inspired to create his “Wave City Coffee Table”. Specifically, he was inspired by the scene where in the dream the city bent over itself.

Stelios Mousarris is a designer from Cyprus who worked for the company Fosters and Partners as a model maker, an assistant designer at Duffy London, and then struck out on his own with his “Mousarris” company.

Bent City Coffee Table 2

The table is truly a work of art. It was created from wood, steel, and 3D printing technology. It’s amazing what 3D printing has done for our creative minds. It’s even more amazing what our creative minds can create from 3D printing.

cool coffee table designs 3

With how amazing this table is, it’s expectant that it costs a left arm… but not quite! It costs 4000 euros.

His work in general is very sleek and modern. It’s all very innovative and impeccable work. cool coffee table designs 4

For more information about the designer and his work, visit his website: www.mousarris.comBent City Coffee Table 5

Bent City Coffee Table 6

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