You Can Now Make Your Very Own 3D Printed LEGO Toy


Do you want to build a spaceship that you can fly? Or maybe a pirate ship? You know, out of all your LEGO parts of course.  Well now you can, thanks to this fun Etsy page, Funky3dfaces!

Instead of the Simpson-yellow faces though, it’ll be your very own face. 

Your Very Own 3D Printed LEGO Toy 1

“What’s better than that” you ask? Well let me tell you!

It’s only $30 to be a LEGO Minifigure!

Your Very Own 3D Printed LEGO Toy 2

How does it work? Well, you send the company two high-quality pictures. One of your face straight-on, and one of your profile. After that the company just scans the pictures through the 3D printer and you become 3D!

This means you can become a stormtrooper, a wedding cake topper, or even just your head (so you can attach it to any body you want). The possibilities are endless!Your Very Own 3D Printed LEGO Toy 3

Source: Distractify