These Bouquets Of Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Flowers Will Surely Last A Lifetime


Flowers, whether in bouquets or just planted at the backyard are simply lovely and pleasing to one’s sight. They brighten up the entire room when they are displayed in a vase especially when its smells soothens and makes you to be relaxed for a while. But of course, after a day or two, you have to throw it away because its soothing smell and beauty have faded already. A bit disappointing, you know!

Maegan Chapman has resolved to end every person’s dilemma about flowers and created her version of flower bouquets that will never fade and will last for a lifetime. It is not just a typical artificial flower because it looks like a real one and you’ll have to admit that it looks great. After she came across with a wooden flower, she began Eco Flower, designing and forming nonbiodegradable yet beautiful flower bouquets made out of recycled materials. It is certified to be eco- friendly.

Chapman uses every kind of reusable materials such as old fabric, bamboo, old jewellery, scrap, sackcloth, music sheet, and many other to create her flowers.

eco friendly flowers 1

Eco Flower

She handcrafts every bouquet ordered to her, so each one is unique and different with one another. Bouquets can also be customised for a certain occasion.

eco friendly flowers 2

Eco Flower

Even the vases that are included are also recycled.

eco friendly flowers 3

Eco Flower

Eco Flower has also ventured into weddings and wedding dec

eco friendly flowers 4

Eco Flower

They handcraft centrepieces, wreath, and other items for events.

eco friendly flowers 5

Eco Flower

Special themed bouquets are also created.

eco friendly flowers 6

Eco Flower

The bouquets are impressively elegant to look at but all the more, it is perfumed. It diffuses a light relaxing scent than can last up to 3 months.

Source: Viralnova