Beautiful Acorn Necklace Should Definitely Be On Your Christmas Shopping List This Year

acorn neckless feat

There should be a holiday in Autumn when you give gifts like at Christmas. There are so many ideas to explore and autumn themed gifts to give. Actually, I’m more concerned about receiving gifts because this acorn necklace is awesome.

Beth Ruth is the Wisconsin-based artist that created this acorn pendant. The acorn itself is made of Italian and German soda lime glass and it’s topped off with a real acorn cap. These pendant necklaces come in many different colors. There’s some with a classic autumn or Halloween theme. There’s even some with sparkles, hearts and other cool colors included.

acorn necklace (1)

If autumn gift giving was a theme, I’d gladly accept one of these necklaces from anyone. I’m adding this to my Christmas list in case my new holiday idea doesn’t happen. Take a look at the photos of these awesome necklaces and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Another symbol that the season is changed is when trees drop their acorn

acorn necklace 2 (1)


This beautiful acorn necklace remind us of cool temperatures, hot apple cider and everything else we love about the fall

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Beth Ruth uses Italian and German soda lime glass to create these acorn necklaces

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The pods are shaped and heated one at a time and then left to cool down for 24 hours

acorn necklace 5 (1)

The stunning acorn necklace are connected to a vintage chain to further give the look of something you just found under your garden tree

acorn necklace 6 (1)


The top of the pod is sealed with a real acorn that is glued together with museum wax

acorn necklace 7 (1)

You can get this pendant necklace in a variety of colors and even with tiny objects floating inside

acorn pendants 4 (1)

I don’t know about you, but i know this is going on my Christmas presents list this year

acorn necklace 8 (1)

acorn necklace 4 (1)

acorn pendants (1)

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