Best Friend Necklaces – Everything You Want To Know


what are best friend necklaces?

best friends forever necklace

The best friend necklace is a piece of jewelry you only give to that special someone that you consider your BFF. It is usually a necklace but it can also be a ring or a bracelet, for the sake of this article, we will talk about the best friend necklaces. You can just go ahead and scroll down if you want to directly see 30 pictures of some unique best friend necklaces designs, but it’s cool to know some background about this cool jewelry. The BFF jewelry trend has been going on for many years and it is all over the world, mostly it comes in the form of a necklace that can be cut in half so that each friend will wear his half and together they complete one whole, it can be the shape of a heart that is cut in half and every friend wears one half, it could be a a slice of pizza you give to each friend so when you all get together it makes a whole pizza pie ( if you have a crew of best friends) It can be pretty much anything that symbolize something whole that then gets cut to represent we are always together, even when we’re apart. Best Friends For Life

Top companies making the best friend necklace

honestly, there are many independent designers we found that make BFF necklaces, we won’t bother you with all the names because it’s a lot. We found that the best bet would be to browse the biggest shopping sites on the internet to find the design you love the most, here are links to the relevant pages on each site:



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30 examples of best friend necklaces


1: Best Bitches best friends broken heart necklace set

best friend necklaces (1)

2: Key puzzle best friend necklace ( comes with the chains )

best friend necklaces 2 (1)

3: Gold plated heart best friends necklace

best friend necklaces 5 (1)

4: Broken heart silver and “diamonds” with dolphins
best friend necklaces 3 (1)


5: Best friend keys necklace, black and gold

best friend necklaces 4 (1)


6: It’s not my first RODEO necklace

best friend necklace 6

7: Pendant Necklace “Soul Sister” – sisterly love

best friend necklace 7

8: Yin Yang Necklaces to share with your best friend

best friend necklace 11


9: Best friend necklace – soul sisters

best friend necklace 10

10: Personalized BFF Best Friend pendant

best friend necklace 8

11: Winter soldier captain America necklace

best friend necklace 9

12: Sterling silver mother daughter friends forever necklace

bff neclkaces 2

13: Friend tag necklace – sterling silver

bff neclkaces 3


14: My friend forever jewellery necklace

bff neclkaces 6

15: Best friend – love laugh live set

bff neclkaces 4

16: Stainless steel half heart necklace

bff neclkaces 5

17: Best friend feet shape necklace

bff neclkaces

18: Yellow and green doors necklaces for bffs

bff cool necklaces 2

19: Human heart necklace with engraving 

bff cool necklaces 3

20: Pizza is life friendship pepperoni necklace

bff cool necklaces

21: Golden girls friendship rings

bff cool necklaces 4

22: Cupcake best friend jewelry 

bff cool necklaces 5

23: Oreo BFF heart necklace

best friend neck 2

24: You can’t sit with us mean girls bracelets 

best friend neck 3

25: Chicks before Di**s necklace for ultimate friends

best friend neck

26: Super Mario and Yoshi blings for BFF’s

best friend neck 6

27: Player 1 Player 2 rings for besties

best friend neck 5

28: Star Trek best friends bling

best friend neck 4

29: Batman best friends necklace for three people

best friend neck 7

30: Marauder best friends rings

bff harry potter necklace

Here’s a video on how to make your own best friends necklace:

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