Stunning Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Art By Samuel Silva

Would you believe that all of these drawings were done with ballpoint pens? I couldn’t believe it when I saw them for the first time. Art like this has to take a lot of time and attention to detail. Samuel Silva only uses 8 different colored ballpoint pens to creative these incredible drawings or ballpoint pen art. How he can make them look so realistic with just 8 colors is a mystery to me. This guy has been drawing and developing his skills since he was two.
Samuel’s profession is as an attorney and says art is just his hobby. Does he know how much money he could make off of his hobby? Do you know how cool that would be to have a talent and something you love to do that earns you money? He’s definitely a lucky guy.
Take a look at his amazing ballpoint pen art drawings and let us know what you think in the comments section.

“I started drawing and developing my own style of ballpoint pen drawing back when I was in school.”

ballpoint pen drawings (1)

” in simple classroom sketches in the back of my exercise books.”

ballpoint pen art 2 (1)

” I never imagined there were so many brilliantly masterful ballpoint artists out there.”

ballpoint pen drawings 3 (1)

“Ballpoint pen is not my only medium”

ballpoint pen drawings 4 (1)

“it’s just the one I’m currently trying to master….

ballpoint pen drawings 5 (1)

At this point in my life I’m proficient with chalk, pencil, color pencil, pastels, oils and acrylics.

ballpoint pen drawings 6 (1)

Maybe one day I’ll create an account just to share those.”

ballpoint pen drawings 7 (1)

Keep scrolling to see more of Samuel’s awesome ballpoint pen art

ballpoint pen art 8 (1)

Amazing eagle drawing

ballpoint pen drawings 9 (1)

Can you recognize her? Looks like a photoshopped photo

ballpoint pen art 10 (1)

He also likes to create newer versions of famous classic art works

ballpoint pen drawings 11 (1)

Amazing! Look at those eyes, how does he make it so realistic

ballpoint pen drawings 12 (1)

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