16 People Share Why i Got Married And Love Is Not One Of Them

Secret-sharing site Whisper knows a lot! People from all over the world are sharing their deepest secrets at this place anonymously, probably searching for some relief. I would recommend a good friend, but it seems that there is a shortage of that kind today so people naturaly turn to the internet.

In the gallery below is a collection of confessions by brides to be on the matter of why i got married and why are they taking this big step in life and what are their real motives to do so. Romance is the only thing leading to the altar… in fairytales. In real life, motives can be numerous apparently and some of them have nothing to do with love. “I’m only marrying him for his money…”, “I’m getting married because I’m tired of dating” are some of the confessions of anonymous female users of  Whisper.

1. “I’m only marrying him for his money…” former homeless woman. The first of the why i got married list

why i got married (1)

2. What are the chances for a happy marriage?

reasons to get married 2 (1)

3. The man she loves is taken.

reasons to get married 3 (1)

4. This bride to be is feeling trapped.

reasons to get married 4 (1)

5. This woman is doing it to please her family.

reasons to get married 5 (1)

6. Okay, this is some kiddo or a joke.

reasons to get married 6 (1)

7. Cancelling the wedding is out of the question.

reasons to get married 7 (1)

8. Fulfilling others expectations.

reasons to get married 8 (1)

9. Another homeless woman. This seems to be a why i got married theme here

reasons to get married 9 (1)

10. Wedding as a life goal.

getting married confessions 10 (1)

11. Money seems to be the most frequent reason to get married.

getting married confessions 11 (1)

12. Sorry for her loss.

getting married confessions 12 (1)

13. This one is actually a proper reason. She wants to be with him, nothing else matters.

getting married confessions 13 (1)

14. Once again financial issues.

getting married confessions 14 (1)

15. Running away from family and rushing into marriage.

getting married confessions 15 (1)

16. This is also a common reason for getting and staying in marriage

why i got married 16 (1)

So, romance is definitely not the only reason for stepping into the marriage: finance, children, fear of being alone etc are making the list of reasons to get married which is not short it seems. What do you think about it?



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