Bacon Sushi Rolls Recipe To Make Your Life Perfect

awesome bacon sushi

Are you ready for this? Because I’ve been waiting for this bacon sushi rolls recipe my entire life. As a person who loves to eat bacon, and sushi, this is the perfect combination. It’s so easy to make as well you can’t help but wonder, where has this been in my life until now?!

Now, before anyone jumps at the screen and starts screaming this is not really sushi, hold your seat. We know, it’s obviously not really sushi, but it’s bacon rolled with a bunch of other stuff you really like to eat separately, so how can this be a bad thing, it can’t, It’s just science.

Scroll below to read the Bacon Sushi rolls recipe and thank us later 

1. Start with a sushi mat just like you would when you make regular sushi

awesome bacon sushi

2. Add that tasty booty health hazard bacon. Bacon is life and no one can claim otherwise

awesome bacon sushi

3. Get some delicious minced beef and season the shi* out of it. Don’t be shy, do it like you mean it

awesome bacon sushi

4. Flatten that baby into shape, yeah, just like that, make it flat as you can

awesome bacon sushi

Make sure at this stage of the bacon sushi recipe to put the beef into shape, while you flatten it, just use your fingers to place it on the bacon stripes so it would fit nicely into that shape.

5. OMG, we almost forgot about the CHEESE, never forget the cheese! add it!

awesome bacon sushi

6. Roll that thing up nice and tight. Yes I said tight

awesome bacon sushi

7. Put it on the BBQ and let it cook for a while

bbq with bacon

8. BBQ glaze that thing like a champ, we want it nice and shiny

glazing bacon

9. More glaze, you can never have too much glaze

sushi bacon recipe

10. After five minutes, glaze it again. Because bacon rolls can never have too much glaze

awesome bacon recipe

11. Now take the bacon sushi roll and roll it in some crushed nachos, that’s the kicker of this recipe

awesome bacon sushi

12. Take the other bacon sausage and roll that on some fried onions ( you didn’t see that coming right? )

awesome bacon roll

13. Slice the rolls into shape like a sushi

awesome bacon rolls

14. EAT! but wait for it……………………

awesome bacon sushi

awesome bacon sushi

You’re welcome!

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