Avogado6 Draws Feelings Everyone Had At Least Once But Couldn’t Describe Them

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How can you draw feelings? Is it a special drawing panel on which to exercise this art? How hard is it to draw feelings that no one can actually express through words, but that we all feel at some point in our lives? Those feelings when you’re stuck, when you’ve run out of power, when you’re trying to put yourself together piece by piece, those feelings that have no word to describe them, but you still feel them, how do you explain those feelings?

Japanese artist nicknamed avogado6 thought of a way. His way seems so simple, but its implications are so complex and speak on so many levels, that you can’t look at his art without feeling that actual, almost indescribable feeling. From that unbearable fragility that gets to you in the most unexpected moments, to apathy, locking your heart away or time, all his illustrations show the hidden truth behind our lives.

Although we advertise ourselves on social media as extremely happy, successful and incredible guy, we actually have our own flaws and fragility and fears and we sometimes cry in the dark, on our own, to get rid of some of the usual pain that life comes with.

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Avogado6’s art does just that: puts us in front of our daily demons and asks us to confront them, acknowledge them and learn to live with them.

We warn you, what you are about to see are some very sincere samples of life and feelings that you can relate to in peace.

How you feel about education gap

avogado6 drawing feelings 1 (1)


When you feel like your job is draining your life energy from you

avogado6 drawing feelings 2 (1)

We feel happy and successful only when we’re online

avogado6 drawing feelings 3 (1)


avogado6 drawing feelings 4 (1)

Too many words in your mind

avogado6 drawing feelings 5 (1)



avogado6 drawing feelings 6 (1)

Locking your heart away

avogado6 drawing feelings 7 (1)

Feeling stuck

avogado6 drawing feelings 8 (1)

Running out of power

avogado6 drawing feelings 9 (1)


So fragile

avogado6 drawing feelings 10 (1)

” I’m fine! It’s all fine “

avogado6 drawing feelings 11 (1)

Feeling tired, worn out

avogado6 drawing feelings 12 (1)

Trying to piece yourself together, piece by piece

avogado6 drawing feelings 13 (1)


Time has no mercy

avogado6 drawing feelings 14 (1)

Sometimes we feel like spreading butter on toast

avogado6 drawing feelings 15 (1)

Your wings sometime get tired from carrying you

avogado6 drawing feelings 16 (1)


avogado6 drawing feelings 17 (1)

Trying to save the past

avogado6 drawing feelings 18 (1)

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