Colette Dike Loves To Make Avocado Food Decoration That Will Make your Mouth Water


Blog Food Deco is founded by Colette Dike based in Amsterdam and it is a place where you can wow over fantastic decorations of various food. According to do photos in this gallery, Colette has her favorite and it seems she mastered all sorts of decorations involving avocado.

I don’t know how you are having your avocado, but my consumption of particular Mexican fruit doesn’t look like this, not even close! In the gallery below slices of avocado are transformed almost into pieces of art which I would have a hard time to eat because I would feel guilty to destroy it. There are spirals, roses and even hearts and all kinds of carefully created avocado arrangement which are a real treat for the eyes.

“Avocados are delicious, healthy and very photogenic! I always enjoyed avocados but I think during my pregnancy I started eating them a little bit more. I like to inspire people for home cooked meals – make their food a little bit prettier with not too much effort. Right now I’m really enjoying the #avocadobun but I also love to use avocado (as a dairy substitute) in brownies or power-balls!” said Dike for Bored Panda.

If you like what you see make sure to follow hDike on Instagram where she currently has over 73 000 followers. Also, you can buy her book named (guess!)… Avocado!

avocado food decoration (1)

avocado food decoration 2 (1)

avocado food decoration 3 (1)

avocado food decoration 4 (1)

avocado food decoration 5 (1)

avocado food decoration 6 (1)

avocado art decoration 7 (1)

avocado art decoration 8 (1)

avocado art decoration 9 (1)

avocado art decoration 10 (1)

avocado art decoration 11 (1)

avocado art decoration 12 (1)

avocado food art 13 (1)

avocado food art 14 (1)

avocado food art 15 (1)

avocado food art 16 (1)

avocado food art 17 (1)

avocado food art 18 (1)

avocado food art 19 (1)

avocado food art 20 (1)

avocado food decoration 21 (1)

avocado food decoration 22 (1)

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