This is the Automatic Feeder for Dogs That Prevents Your Dog From Gaining Weight

Meet the automatic feeder for dogs that will help you take control back of your dog’s weight even when forced to stay home and do less exercise.

Since the latest developments hit the world and people are forced to stay inside, there is some question that is yet unanswered. What happens to all the dogs and dog owners?

How do they get to walk their dog? Well, the answer is, they cannot. They have to stay inside with their furry friend and find ways to keep the day interesting.

But here comes another dilemma while you are inside with your dog all the time. Food. You might get bored from not doing anything and decide to feed your dog more than usual.

No one wants our poor pups to look like this 

If the above statement is true then we are going to see some chubby looking dogs once we beat this thing. But how much, is too much food, (especially since dogs are always hungry)?

How do you tell when you are overfeeding your dog? For humans, it’s easy for we already know the right measures of how much an infant, toddler or kid should eat.

But the same is not true for puppies that is why the designers Seokmin Jang, Gyu Hyung Han, and AB Rh Yang, invented ‘The Dog’. This device is an automatic pet feeder, which can determine, how much your dog should eat on every meal based on their body composition.

The Automatic Feeder for Dog – The Dog

automatic feeder for dog

You can easily check up the dog from time to time to tell if there is a need for some diet change. The device is revolutionary and it lets you know the right amount that the dog should consume for the upcoming meal.

This device also comes with an app that you could install on your phone. This app helps get reports about your pet’s body composition and recommending the right portion sizes. Now you don’t have to worry how much or little you are feeding your dog.

This is how the amazing automatic dog feeder works

automatic feeder for dog
Source: YankoDesign

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