This 3D Printed Home Was Completed In 24 Hours And Cost Only $10,000

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So far we have been seeing numerous things that have been 3D printed, from appendages to even sneakers and now we have this technology groundbreaking in construction. In Russia, they’ve actually printed a house! A real 3D printed home with a hall, bathroom, living room and kitchen ready to welcome residents and become a lovable home. It is made of concrete and it was printed in only one day with total costs of $10,134 or $81 per square foot.

However, the firm believes that a square house with a much simpler design would cost just $68 per square foot.

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A San Francisco startup Apis Cor is standing behind this revolutionary project which is certainly a future of house building. A 400-square-foot house made by mobile 3D printer out of concrete mixture in a single day is something we never seen before but certainly will be seeing in the future thanks to Apis Cor.


This is the first residential 3D printed home that has been printed and you can check it out in the video below.

“Design of the single-story residential 3D printed house is rather unusual,” Apis Cors stated in a blog post.

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“This project was selected specifically, as one of the main purposes of this construction is to demonstrate the flexibility of equipment and diversity of available forms.”

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“The house can be of any shape, including the familiar square shape, because the additive technology has no restrictions on the design of new buildings, except for the laws of physics.”

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“A distinctive feature of the printer is its design, which is reminiscent of the tower crane, allowing the printer to execute the printing process of constructing the building both inside,”

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“The printer has a small size, easily transportable and does not require long preparation before the commencement of the construction works because it has a built-in automatic horizon alignment and stabilisation system.”

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“An interesting fact is that the radius of curvature of the TV matches the house wall curvature.”

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“As the printer prints self-bearing walls and partitions, it allows to save up to 70% on erecting building boxes compared to traditional construction techniques, such as with method, because each block has to has to be put in place, cut to size and aligned.”

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“Also there is the necessity to bring the required equipment and tools to the construction site, replace them after breakage, unload materials and oversee the builders.”

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“Often there is a risk of human error, and completion of a standard cottage house on average can take up to two months.”

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“The Apis Cor company and its partners are confident that the house in Stupino was the first step that can convince the world that 3D technology in the construction market is a reality.”

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