27 Chubby Puppies That Look Like Teddy Bears And Just Won Life

chubby puppies feat (1)

If you need something to lift you up, you came to the right page. In the gallery below you can find a bunch of chubby puppies that look like teddy bears and everyone knows that’s equal to happiness.

Chubby puppies look adorable, period. There’s not much to add to this statement except maybe that they can be easily confused with little bears which make them even more irresistible. We have some dilemmas about some of the puppies in the gallery – Are they canine at all?

Check out for yourself and tell us what you think. And you’re welcome, that smile looks good on you, keep it!

Scroll below to the full puppies that look like bears list

1. Don’t you want to squeeze this fellow?

chubby puppies (1)

Photo Credit: imgur.com


2. Alaskan Malamute enjoying a snowy day. Maybe my favorite pic on this chubby puppies gallery

chubby puppies 2 (1)

3. Chow Chow Puppy or a little black bear?

chubby puppies 3 (1)

Photo Credit: pheed.com

4. Poodle Puppy vs stuffed teddy bear – which one is cuter?

chubby puppies 4 (1)

Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. This must be a bear! No? German Shepherd, Akita, Corgi Mix

chubby puppies 5 (1)

Photo Credit: slambient


6. Cuteness overload! Golden Doodle Puppy

chubby puppies 6 (1)

Photo Credit: katesacliche.com

7. Teacup Pomeranian pretending to be a snowball

chubby puppies 7 (1)

Photo Credit: jungpuppyclub.blogspot.com

8. Tibetan Mastiff saluting

chubby puppies 8 (1)

Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. Samoyed Puppy… omg, I can’t stop looking!

chubby dogs 9 (1)

Photo Credit: indulgy.com


10. Caucasian Ovcharka

chubby dogs 10 (1)

Photo Credit: imgur.com

11. Chow Chow Puppies

chubby puppies 11 (1)

12. What a lovely bear calf…Keeshond and American Eskimo Mix actually.

chubby dogs 12 (1)

Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. The most famous Pomeranian

chubby dogs 13 (1)

Photo Credit: Boo


14. Akita Puppy, a chubby fellow from Japan

chubby dogs 14 (1)

Photo Credit: Reddit

15. Chow Chow Puppy with his stuffed buddy.

fat puppies 15 (1)

Photo Credit: unknown

16. Panda Bear Puppies, dogs that look like pandas thanks to specific fur colouring

fat puppies 16 (1)

Photo Credit: Kavin Raj

17. No, not a little bear – it’s a Eurasier Puppy

fat puppies 17 (1)

Photo Credit: Josefine Eline

18. Once again, the chubbiest among chubbies –  Chow Chow Pup

fat puppies 18 (1)

Photo Credit: Walls Joy


19. Poodle cuddling resembling teddy bear

fat puppies 19 (1)

Photo Credit: Walls Joy

20. Pomeranian Puppy

fat puppies 20 (1)

Photo Credit: fmarzio

21. Bouvier De Flandres Puppy

fat puppies 21 (1)

Photo Credit: zoom

22. Chow Chow puppy grows up into light brown bear

fat puppies 22 (1)

23. Australian Labradoodle

fat puppies 23 (1)

Photo Credit: Greg Gorski  

24. This chubby puppy just woke up

fat puppies 29 (1)

25. This little guy was born chubby

chubby puppies 30 (1)

26. Dude, eat much?

chubby puppies 31 (1)

27. ” I’m not fat, i’m big boned “

chubby puppies 32 (1)

Can we all agree that this gallery was the best thing you saw today? If you agree, please share with your friends so they can also enjoy these bear like puppies.

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