37 if Animal Names Were Honest Photos that Show How it Would be Like. Spoiler, It’s Hilarious

Have you ever wondered how animals were named? Most animal names do not even make sense by describing them in any way. What if animal names were honest? How would that look?

For example,  I was always fixated with ‘rabbit’. It made no sense that such a name was put to a fluffy and adorable animal. I always thought that ‘rabbit’ would best fit the frog as it is similar to the sound the frog makes.

Anyway, people are starting to give animals names they think they should have. And let me tell you, these names are not only true in describing the animal, but they are hilarious. These are the names animals would have if we lived in a world where animal names were totally honest.

If animal names were honest #1 The beach chicken.

We all know that seagulls look like a very familiar animal. Yup, everybody has been thinking this… A seagull totally looks like a chicken that lives near the sea. It is just hilarious to think that these two animals look like second cousins.

if animal names were honest

2. The dirty needle.

Whoever came up with the name ‘mosquito’ might have lost his mind. How could you name such an irritating animal with something that sounds like it’s a fancy French dish? The only things mosquitoes do is poke us with that disgusting needle-looking mouth of theirs.

3. Nope.

I do not think this creature should have that name. In fact, the ‘nope’ should be written in all capital letters. This is because huge spiders such as this one make your legs shiver from disgust and gives you an urge to leave earth and go to another planet once and for all.

4. Panda Whale.

Yes, of course, we all needed to hear this. The killer whale looks just like a panda that prefers swimming over climbing on trees.

5. Booplesnoop

This is exactly what I was talking about in the beginning. A cute animal such as the rabbit deserves a name as perfect as Booplesnoop to describe the amount of adorableness it has. Thankfully someone out there was on my side.

6. The cat bird

Now I know that most of us have not seen an owl live (I haven’t) but doesn’t the owl just look familiar? Owls just look like the head of a cat with wings. I guess that’s why they stay active during the night; they are sneaky just like cats!

if animal names were honest

7. Fart squirrel

The only thing that separates a squirrel and a skunk is that they are different in color and that skunks fart. So why call it a skunk when it is simply a stinky farting squirrel?

8. Giraffe sheep

It totally blows my mind that the alpaca looks as if a giraffe and a sheep had a love child. It is hilarious.

9. Sea dogs

I know that you have thought of it before and have even come up with the name yourself. That is because seals act and look just like dogs. It has even been questioned if these creatures have some kind of connection.

10. Duck puppy

The platypus is such a confusing animal. It has the face of a duck and the body of a small puppy. What a cute mix.  

if animal names were honest
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11. The bumpy desert lama

12. Flying land octopus

13. Asshole

if animal names were honest

14. Jesus lizard

15. Pricklesstepper

if animal names were honest

16. Legless psychedelic water Gallopper

17. Majestic sea flap flap

if animal names were honest

18. Furry potato

if animal names were honest

19. Flying sea kite

20. Twiggy pony

if animal names were honest

21. Rat frog

if animal names were honest

22. Freedom glider

23. Flying sea nope

if animal names were honest

24. Giraffe bird

25. Slow motion gorilla

if animal names were honest

26. Sabertooth death mouse

if animal names were honest

27. Leather tank

if animal names were honest

28. Furry nope

29. Danger zebra

if animal names were honest

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30. Dragon shrimp

if animal names were honest

31. Dragon Rat

if animal names were honest

32. Ocean Panther

if animal names were honest

33. Danger Noodle

if animal names were honest

34. Audible nope rope

if animal names were honest

35. Prison pony

36. Naked snail

if animal names were honest

37. Tunnelling ballsack

if animal names were honest

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