Artist Takes Re-Gifting To Another Level With These Pics


A picture is worth a thousand words. Anna Remarchuk is certainly hoping to prove that saying true with her latest photo series.

anna remarchuk 2


The photographer places flowers inside of envelopes, and takes pictures with her camera phone.

anna remarchuk 3

Anna then shares the shots with Instagram fans.

anna remarchuk 4

While many creatives would sell their artistry, Remarchuk is giving away her ideas in hopes of the #envelope_series having a positive impact on those who view the photos.

anna remarchuk 5

“I want my followers to be able to understand my flowers’ message without any words,” says Anna.

anna remarchuk 6


The flowers and envelopes certainly spoke to Remarchuk, which is why she initiated the #envelope_series.

anna remarchuk 7

“At the table there were those envelopes,” shares Anna of the starting point of her idea. “I saw them together and decided to make a photo.”

anna remarchuk 8

The concept has certainly taken the web by storm.

anna remarchuk 10

Thousands have viewed Anna’s worked and complimented the artist on her creativity.

anna remarchuk 11


Many cannot get over the attention to detail that she places in each post.

anna remarchuk 12

Anna carefully selects the flowers that she wants to use for her project.

anna remarchuk 13

She then meticulously places them so that they tell a story of their own.

anna remarchuk 14

Learn more about the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

anna remarchuk 15

Source: MyModernMet

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