Amazing LEGO Animals Created By German Artist Felix Jaensch

lego animals feat (1)

Check out these awesome LEGO Animals sculptures! They are the work of German artist Felix Jaensch and his skilled hands. He manages to design sculptures with such a mastery to present, for example, velvety feathers of a parrot or choppy water around a shark using only LEGO cubes with sharp edges. Really impressive. It is interesting to watch how he managed to make such a lifelike LEGO animal sculptures with so many details using the plastic pieces. The red fox on the photo above and few more works are available as DIY kits through MOC Nation.

If you are impressed as we are, share this gallery with your friends and check out for more work at the artist’s Flickr. Jaensch is also trying to get support on LEGO Ideas for his guinea pig design.

Check out this cool LEGO animal gorila

LEGO Animals 2 (1)

Using only LEGO pieces he manages to create lifelike animal sculptures

LEGO Animals 3 (1)

Wonderful baboon in nice yellow colors 

LEGO Animals 4 (1)

Rat – an animal that you would usually avoid but looks so friendly in LEGO form

LEGO Animals 5 (1)

Another parent made of LEGO 

LEGO Animals 6 (1)

Adorable mice

LEGO sculptures 7 (1)

LEGO sculptures 8 (1)

LEGO sculptures 9 (1)

I love the way he put LEGO around the shark to make it look like it comes out of the water

LEGO Animals 10 (1)

The artist:

LEGO Animals 11 (1)

Check out this cool video:

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