33 Scary Tattoos That Are So Creepy They Will Haunt Your Dreams

scary tattoos 12

These scary tattoos will be perfect if you want to scare or creep out your friends, maybe for Halloween right? But don’t get these if you just want a nice tattoo design. Below is a good gallery of 33 creepy tattoos that you won’t forget so fast.

1. This scary tattoo is just a big pile of nope

scary tattoos


2. Why? Why would you do this design?

scary tattoos

3. Oh hell no!

scary tattoos 2

4. This is a creepy clown right?

scary tattoos 2

5. This could be the creepiest tattoo on this list

scary tattoos



6. Looks like a Marilyn Manson tattoo – scary tattoos list continues below…

creepy tattoos 3

7. Is that Jack Nicholson?

creepy tattoos 4

8. There must be a deep meaning behind this scary looking tattoo

creepy tattoos 4

9. OK, i take it back, this is the scariest tattoo on this list

creepy tattoos 5


10. Shadows lurking from under your skin

scary tattoo designs 6

11. Is it noticeable? I can’t tell

scary tattoos 40


12. This tattoo is actually pretty nice, love the design.

scary tattoo designs 8

13. Amazing back piece – Is it worthy of the scary tattoos list? Not so much

scary tattoo designs 9


14. This kid’s face will haunt my dreams forever

scary tattoo designs 10

15. Oh lord, I can’t look at this for long

scary tattoos 41 (1)


16. ” I am damaged “

omg tattoos 12

17. Eating you alive, love this work

scary tattoos 44


18. Wow, this is taking it too far man. You have another face

omg tattoos 14



20. Trying to escape this mortal body

scary ink 16

21. Haunted face, can you unsee this? NOPE

scary ink 17

22. Huge scary skull on the back

scary ink 22 (1)

23. Death bride, would you marry her for a lifetime of darkness?

scary ink 23 (1)

24. Ancient skull – somehow old skulls looks much scary than our days right?

scary ink 24 (1)


26. The dealer of death, let’s play black jack for your life

haunting tattoos 26 (1)

27. I think this is the devil. What do you think?

haunting tattoos 27 (1)

28. Angry looking skull won’t take any of your shit

haunting tattoos 28 (1)

29. I love this skull sleeve tattoo, so elegant, so beautiful

haunting tattoos 29 (1)

30. Smoke and mirrors, can you handle this tattoo?

haunting tattoos 30 (1)

31. Crawling out from your eyes, how creepy is that

haunting tattoos 31 (1)

32. Face tattoos always creep me out

scary tattoos 32 (1)

33. Small, but effective

scary tattoos 33

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