Josh Rossi Superhero Kids Project Empowers Sick And Disabled Children By Showing Their Awesome Side

Do you believe in super heroes? We’re about to convince you that you should, cause here we have a bunch of photos of super heroes that are living among us. You don’t believe it? Well, photographer Josh Rossi did some great shots featuring little super heroes or brave hospitalized children under the age of 8 with illnesses and disabilities.

Rossi named this noble project Kid Super Heroes,  transforming hospitalized children into Justice League characters. Digital artist and a professional photographer did a great job inspired by the movie posters featuring children as they boldly stand before a dramatic, digitally-rendered Justice League logo. He printed finished photos into posters and showed them to the kids. They got even more empowered seeing themselves how brave they are.

See the heartwarming photos of a group of kids that participated this project and how they look in specially made costumes striking their best superhero poses and what Rossi told to PetaPixel.

“The whole idea was to take the things that are weaknesses for the kids such as cancer and other diseases and turn them into strengths. It was amazing seeing the excitement on their faces.”

josh rossi superhero kids (1)

Teagan Pettit as Superman

Teagan has hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

josh rossi superhero kids 2 (1)

And this is the photoshopped image – How cool is that?

josh rossi superhero kids 3 (1)

Sofie Loftus, 3, as Wonder Woman

Sofie is battling embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

josh rossi superhero kids 4 (1)

Sofie as Wonder Woman – looking badass!

josh rossi superhero kids 5 (1)

Zaiden Stolrow, 7, as The Flash

Zaiden suffers from severe ADHD.

josh rossi superhero kids 6 (1)

Zaidan as Flash Gordon

josh rossi superhero kids 7 (1)

Simon Fullmer, 5, as Batman

Simon is fighting a rare form of nerve cancer called neuroblastoma.

josh rossi superhero kids 8 (1)

Simon as Batman, could be my favorite superhero kids picture

josh rossi superhero kids 9 (1)

Mataese Manuma, 2, as Aquaman

Mataese is battling acute megakaryoblastic leukemia.

josh rossi superhero kids 10 (1)

Mataese as Aquaman

josh rossi superhero kids 11 (1)

Kayden Kinckle, 5, as Cyborg

Kayden was born with omphalocele and has had both of his legs amputated.

josh rossi superhero kids 12 (1)

josh rossi superhero kids 13 (1)



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