30 Funny Baby Pictures That Prove Toddlers Have An Epic Sense Of Humor


There’s one thing about babies – they are adorable! You wish to take a tonne of pictures while they are so small and cute to remember forever those happy times. Furthermore, you want a professional photographer to capture your first delight as a parent and the sweetness of your newborn. But there’s also a small catch. Besides being so adorable, babies are highly unpredictable, especially when it comes to their poop and pee schedule. For them, the moment of arriving at the photograph studio is as good as any other time for taking a poop or pee. Check out in the gallery below some funny baby pictures with toddlers who totally ruined the planned family photo shooting. Or did they? You be the judge

1. Mommy didn’t expect this coming. Seriously this is the best from the funny baby pictures we have here

funny baby pictures 18 (1)


2. Proud daddy at picture no 1. Pooped daddy at picture no 2.

funny baby pictures (1)

3. “Sure, nobody laughs when I poop at the carpet,” the dog.

funny baby pictures 2 (1)

4. Young parent surprised by his baby – adorable and funny at the same time

hilarious baby pictures 3 (1)

5. When will daddy notice?

hilarious baby pictures 4 (1)


6. Warming up your back, dad, you seemed to be cold.

hilarious baby pictures 5 (1)

7. Cute Family Photo… Ooops!

hilarious baby pictures 6 (1)

8. Hey dad, surprise! Mommy loved it!

hilarious baby pictures 7 (1)

9. Right in your face, daddy, wait until I become a teenager.

hilarious baby pictures 8 (1)


10. The joke was on me.

hilarious baby pictures 9 (1)

11. Oh, boy… This funny baby picture is hilarious!

hilarious baby pictures 10 (1)

12. Blurp… oh I waited for this quite a while. OMG

hilarious baby pictures 11 (1)

13. Sorry, sister…

hilarious baby pictures 12 (1)


14. That’s my boy …

hilarious baby pictures 13 (1)

15. Wanna some special effects?

funny toddler pictures 14 (1)

16. Why so serious… my second best favorite in the funny baby pictures list

funny toddler pictures 15 (1)

17. Sabotage! Not a fan of photographers.

funny toddler pictures 16 (1)

18. What a shooter!

funny toddler pictures 17 (1)


19. Oh yea… finally!

funny toddler pictures 19 (1)

20. Somebody get a towel!

funny toddler pictures 20 (1)

21. Just testing your equipment… It’s good.

funny toddler pictures 21 (1)

22. What happened? He peed, of course.

funny toddler pictures 22 (1)

23. Dad’s face… priceless!

funny toddler pictures 23 (1)

24. Shit happens… dad is totally aware of that.

funny toddler pictures 24 (1)

25. Very common thing at newborn sessions.

funny baby images 25 (1)

26. Got shirt to change? No, of course… going home like this.

funny baby images 26 (1)

27. Adorable photo, still.

funny baby images 27 (1)

28. Photoshop can’t fix this.

funny baby images 28 (1)

29. Not now, baby… Well, can’t help it.

funny baby images 29 (1)

30. Maybe nobody will notice. I will just play sweet.

funny baby pictures 30 (1)

These hilarious baby pictures got me laughing way too hart, share with your friends to make them laugh too.



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