26 Cool Guitars That Will Get Your Body Moving

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You’re not likely to find cool guitars like these designed by Fender or Gibson. These guitars are the products of designers that care about creating a great sound and a beautiful aesthetics. These guitars are definitely beautiful, some even whimsical and bad-ass. Whether you’re a heavy metal or folk musician, there’s bound to be a guitar on this list that would suit your taste.
What I want to know is why have I never seen a popular musician with a crazy guitar like one of these? If I were a famous musician I’d have an entire showroom filled with cool guitars like these. Artists like these need more attention and this post will try to do just that.
If you’re musically talented and you can appreciate a kick-ass guitar design, you’ll love these. Take a look at all these out of this world guitars and let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. The first in the cool guitars list is this beautiful wood and resin piece

cool guitars (1)


2. How about a mix of wood and snake? YES PLEASE!

amazing guitars 2 (1)

3. Traditional markings on a classic guitar

amazing guitars 3 (1)

4. Hand made work on a classic guitar

amazing guitars 4 (1)

5. Awesome flames on an electric guitar

amazing guitars 5 (1)


6. All white, all the time

amazing guitars 6 (1)

7. A guitar with chopped wood patterns

amazing guitars 7 (1)

8. Minimalistic design with colorful flowers

amazing guitars 8 (1)

9. Cool bass guitar with a rugged look and feel

amazing guitars 9 (1)


10. Black wood instrument

amazing guitars 11 (1)

11. Want a transparent guitar? Why the hell not

amazing guitars 12 (1)

12. Amazing guitar design! Look how it seems like it’s eaten away

epic guitars 13 (1)

13. More hand made work

epic guitars 14 (1)


14. Colorful wood piece

epic guitars 15 (1)

15. I just love this cool guitar with an ocean look

epic guitars 16 (1)

16. Feathers on the sound

epic guitars 17 (1)

17. This guitar is a dream catcher

epic guitars 18 (1)

18. OMG. An epic dragon guitar design

epic guitars 19 (1)


19. Guitars have skeletons too

epic guitars 20 (1)

20. Beautiful flower patterns

epic guitars 21 (1)

21. Classic red. Don’t know why but this is my favorite of the cool guitars list

epic guitars 22 (1)

22. Mechanical guitar look

incredible guitars 23 (1)

23. Silver and gold – beautiful!

incredible guitars 24 (1)

24. Hardwood

incredible guitars 25 (1)

25. 3D printed body – amazing  job

incredible guitars 26 (1)

26. Wood and iron on the body

cool guitars10 (1)

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