28 Of The Worst Tattoos Ever. #11 Is Just Ridiculous!

Having tattoos has always been a debatable subject, where many will argue the pros and cons of having them. The main argument of those who are not fans of tattoos is the fact that these drawings on your body are a permanent thing; “what if you just open your eyes one morning and realize that you don’t want that sign on your shoulder anymore”. Bellow you can see a gallery of some of the worst tattoos ever that doesn’t even fall into a debatable category, they’re just bad, real catastrophes when it comes to tattoos. Misspelled words, grammatically incorrect sentences, unrecognizable animals and maybe the worst among them – just stupid and  meaningless things which these guys are stuck with till the rest of their lives.

1. Retarded bunny – uber sexy.

worst tattoos ever 1

Worst tattoos ever #2 WHY?!

worst tattoos ever 2

3. Reasonable explanation- cover for an even worse tattoo.

worst tattoo ever 3

4. Hidden tiger, obvious dumbass.

worst tattoo ever 4

5. No comment.

worst tattoo ever 5

6. Almost the same!

worst tattoo ever 6

7. What is this supposed to be?

worst tattoo ever 7

8. Talented boy! NOT!

worst tattoos ever 8

9. When you know you wanna be a tattoo artist at the age of 6.

worst tattoos ever 9

10. Unda da see – would complete it.

worst tattoos ever 10

11. Oh, My God. This is just one of the worst tattoos ever!

worst tattoos ever 11

12. Salmonella tattoo.

worst tattos ever

13. It’s a crack. Don’t ask.

worst tattoos ever 13

14. Monster on its way to eat the Stickman.

worst tattoos ever 14

15. Sweet child. Oh, why?!

worst tattoos ever 15

16. Never don’t give up! And don’t be (double) negative!

worst tattoos ever 2 (1)

17. Regret nohing! Except getting this tattoo, this was a huge mistake

worst tattoos in the world 3 (1)

18. Belife makes things real!

worst tattoos in the world 5434

19. Just embarrassing.

worst tattoos in the world 5 (1)

20. Your stronger than you think.

worst tattoos in the world 6 (1)

21. Belive.

worst tattoos in the world 7 (1)

22. It’s get better. No, it doesnt

failed tattoos ever 8 (1)

23. Actually, this could pass if this is Sloth from The Goonies.

failed tattoos ever 9 (1)

24. Precious pretty head.

failed tattoos ever 10 (1)

25. Baby is confused. We understand.

failed tattoos ever 234

26. It’s a special art movement called doodletoo.

failed tattoos ever 12 (1)

27. ?#2

worst tattoos ever 13 (1)

28. You only life once!

worst tattoos ever 14 (1)

Maybe we need a spell checker for the tattoo machine? Anyway, if you found this gallery of the worst tattoos ever enjoyable, please share with your friends

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