This Is How a Human Would Have To Look To Survive Car Crashes

Everyone, meet Graham. Graham was created as part of a new Australian road safety campaign. He was designed to withstand a car accident. So basically; in order for anyone to withstand a bad car accident, they’d have to look like this.
Graham was designed by a leading trauma surgeon, a road safety engineer and a sculptor named Patricia Piccinini. Grahams weird features all serve a purpose. As far as I know, none of us are built like him at all. Maybe what we should take away from this is to slow down and drive safely.

Before I move on to the “comment below” part of this post I have to ask; Why all the nipples? I mean, I get it but why do they have to be nipples? Comment below and let us know what you think of Graham!

Meet our new friend, Graham.

graham body accident 1

His body is built to withstand a car crash.

graham body accident 2

Graham was created as part of a new Australian road safety campaign

graham body accident 3

I thought the nipples were confusing. But the feet are just as confusing.

graham body accident 4

He has multiple nipples that serve as natural air bags. Still can’t wrap my head around it.

graham body accident 5

Graham’s brain is a regular old brain, but his skull is bigger with more fluid and ligaments to support it.

graham body accident 6

Graham has a flat face and a lot of fatty tissue to absorb the energy of an impact.

graham body accident 7

Graham’s ribs are like air bags. They’re designed to withstand the impact of a crash.

graham body accident 8

Graham’s skull is huge and a lot like a helmet. Need I say more?

graham body accident 9

Grahams knees have movement in all directions. They’re less likely to be injured.

graham body accident 10

Oh look! Built in neck brace!

graham body accident 11

Graham’s skin is thick to protect him from scrapes and bruises in a crash.

graham body accident 12

He has hood-like legs so he can jump out of the way quickly.

graham body accident 13
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