21 Pictures That Prove Drunk People Are The Smartest People On Earth

Think different! Refers to positive attitude and capability of unique problem solving. the gallery below is also about people who think different, drunk people. Don’t laugh, drunk people think very differently and sometimes they do things no one understands. The images below are of people who think a little bit different from their usual self after having maybe one or two too many drinks.

Drunk people thinking differnt #1

2. He needed an energy booster, so this should do. This is a thinker

drunk people 2

3. It’s important to stay neat. Think about, when it’s hot out, this will keep your feet cool.

drunk people 3

4. Couldn’t find the key. Never mind i managed

intoxicated people 4

5. So, what’s the problem?

intoxicated people 5

6. Toasted pasta, that’s thinking outside the box. Drunk people rule!

intoxicated people 6

7. It’s open, that counts. I’m a genius!

intoxicated people 7

8. It’s important not to be misunderstood. Planning ahead

intoxicated people 8

9. The one day in a month to try new things.

intoxicated people 9

10. Artistic installation. It’s art, it’s unique, can’t argue with that logic

drunk people 10

11. Sandwich with a bun! No one tried this before.

drunk people 11

12. Ready for the picnic! Who needs a grill

drunk people 12

13. No one will notice I took a little nap. Beds are so 1990’s man

drunk people 13

14. “Drunk people order differently and break traditions. Got the dominos guy to buy me McDonald’s in the special instructions section.”

drunk funny people 14

15. Stop pulling our leg! Drunk alter ego!

drunk funny people 15

16. Brilliant conversation. One of you is drunk

drunk funny people 16

17. Confession. Didn’t want to bother Sherlock. Mystery solved

drunk funny people 17

18. Time is just an illusion. Let’s break the shi* out of time

drunk funny people 18

19. Good thinking. Will find them first thing in the morning.

drunk funny people 19

20. Almost in. Just a little bit further, i can do it! No i can’t i’m sleeping here

drunk people 20

So as you can see, drunk people sometimes think on their feet, and most of the time, well, they do their best and make us laugh in the process, what’s the harm. Please share with your friends if you enjoyed this post.

21. My dearest friends, always here for me.

drunk people 21


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