21 Stunning Images From The National Geographic Archives

National Geographic society was founded in 1888 in Washington D/C by 33 men of varied disciplines   for “ the increase plus diffusion of GK/geographical knowledge.” Soon after, they began to publish the well known publication.

Since the first picture appeared in National Geographic magazine in 1889(a topographic map of North America) the magazine has delighted its readers with millions of photographic masterpieces from around the world. These photographs have been touching, poignant, political, horrific and even funny, but also thought provoking.

But did you ever wonder about photographs submitted that don’t make the hallowed pages of this world celebrated publication? Well now there is a place to go to view those too. In 2013 in honor of its 125 year anniversary, Nat Geo created the National Geographic’s Found archive. Here you can see rare never before published photos from the magazine’s own archives.

The subjects of these photos are as compelling and varied as any issue of the historical magazine might be. To peruse the amazing pics see more at natgeofound.tumblr.com

Irish guards stand their ground even when one of them faints,1966

Unpublished Pictures 1

Image source: James P. Blair

The back of a Nuba woman,Sudan, 1966

Unpublished Pictures 3

Image source: Horst Luz

A kitten floating on a Victoria Water Lily in the Philippines, 1935

Unpublished Pictures 4

Image source: Alfred T. Palmer

Dozens of people play in the water, Acapulco, Mexico, 1964

Unpublished Pictures 5

Image source: Thomas Nebbia

First use of a nitrogen-propelled manned maneuvering unit in space by astronaut Bruce McCandless, 1984

Unpublished Pictures 6

Image source: NASA

Women carry baskets on their heads,Kotaka, Mali, 1991

Unpublished Pictures 7

Image source: James L. Stanfield

Flamingos feeding in a pool near Salt Beds, Netherlands

Unpublished Pictures 8

Image source: Volkmar K. Wentzel

Woodman notches a trunk,Western Australia, 1962

Unpublished Pictures 9

Image source: Robert B. Goodman

Kitten attacks it’s own reflection, 1964

Unpublished Pictures 10

Image source: Walter Chandoha

Woman adorned like Chinese goddess, California, 1915

Unpublished Pictures 11

Image source: Franklin Price Knott

The dunes of Sahara desert in the Erg Bourarhet, Algeria, 1973

Unpublished Pictures 12

Image source: Thomas J. Abercrombie

Man herds sheep with his collies, Scotland, 1919

Unpublished Pictures 13

Image source: William Reed

Passageway in Algeria

Unpublished Pictures 14

Image source: Thomas J. Abercrombie

Man stands under the Ape-Ape leaves of puohokamoa Gulch in Maui, Hawaii, 1924

Unpublished Pictures 15

Image source: Gilbert H. Grosvenor

A young girl plays in a replica of a lunar-module, Toronto, Canada, 1975

Unpublished Pictures 16

Image source: Robert Madden

modern chic boutique, Casablanca, 1971

Unpublished Pictures 17

Image source: Thomas J. Abercrombie

Statue of Liberty over New York Harbor, 1978

Unpublished Pictures 18

Image source: David Alan Harvey

White fallow stag stands in a forest, Switzerland, 1973

Unpublished Picture 19

Image source: James P. Blair

A shadow of a man holding a bicycle, Zambezi River, 1996

Unpublished Picture 20

Image source: Chris Johns

Princess Grace Kelly in Monaco, 1962

Unpublished Picture 21

Image source: Gilbert H. Grosvenor

Surfers overpopulate the waves,Bondi Beach, Australia, 1963

Unpublished Pictures 22

Image source: Robert B. Goodman

Men blast granite to build tunnels for a hydroelectric project in Australia, 1963

Unpublished Pictures 23

Image source: Robert B. Goodman

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