Incredible Photos Of The 2016 British Wildlife Pictures Awards


The results are in! The winner of the 2016 British Wildlife Pics Awards is George Stoyle. George found his winning subject off the Island of Hirta in Scotland. The wildlife pic he captured are nothing short of magical.

“I was working for Scottish Natural Heritage on a project to assess the current biological status of major sea caves around some of the UK’s most remote islands,” George said. “At the end of one of the dives I was swimming back to the boat when I came face to ‘face’ with the largest jellyfish I’d ever encountered.” Photography and wildlife photography in particular is all about timing. You never know when you’re going to get the perfect shot.  “As I approached cautiously I noticed a number of juvenile fish had taken refuge inside the stinging tentacles.”

These are some of the incredible photos George and other talented photographers took. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section.

The winning photo by George Stoyle

2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards (1)


Adorable baby seal photo by Adam Hanlon

2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards 2 (1)

Incredible picture by Chaitanya Deshpande of a bird with the foggy background

2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards 3 (1)

The common Weasel by Robert E Fuller – wildlife pics are always the the top spots in these competitions

2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards 4 (1)

Mountain ice cave by Andy Rouse

2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards 5 (1)


A grey seal pup during a sandstorm by Jamie Hall

2016 British wildlife pics 6 (1)

Hello little ducky by Paul Colley

2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards 7 (1)

Amazing shot by Jeanette Sakel

2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards 8 (1)

amazing wildlife photo by Ross Hoddinott, this shot could easily won the competition in our minds

2016 British wildlife pics 9 (1)

There are so many incredible photos out there and so many talented people working for hours just to get this one perfect shot. We wish we could feature them all and show them to you, in the meanwhile, share this stunning gallery with your friends to promote photography. You can see more of the British Wildlife pics awards here: Facebook | Website | Twitter



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