Funny Cartoon Pictures Show The Worst In People And It’s Hilarious

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I admire anyone with the guts to ask random people on the internet to roast them. For most people, the internet is a shield. They can say almost anything without any repercussions. They might make someone cry, but who cares? The internet is freedom inside a magical box.

Reddit users used their talents for cartoon art to highlight other users flaws. They asked for it. This takes true talent to create these funny cartoon pictures roast Under any other circumstances, I would think this was mean. But since the victims of this parody requested it, I feel it’s okay to laugh.

It’s one thing to roast someone in text but to add some artistic talent is inspiring. I bet the characteristics they exaggerated were things the subjects didn’t even notice before. Take a look at these insane caricatures and compare them to their before pictures. I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to ask someone on reddit to roast me let alone make me into one of these funny cartoon pics. Though it would be interesting to see which of my features they chose to exaggerate. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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