19 Must Have Kitchen Appliances to Help You Cook Like a Pro

The kitchen is the heart of the house, the workshop where love is created and thus, it needs intelligent and ingenious utensils to help create the magic. So, we made a selection of 19 must have kitchen tools that any magician who enters this workshop of love would need to have at her/his disposal.

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1. A convenient dispenser with which you can accurately measure and pour the right amount of dough, must have!

must have kitchen appliances 1 (1)

2. A small practical stand that will allow to fix the lid and spoon, used for cooking so that they leave no traces on the table tops

must have kitchen appliances 2 (1)

3. A creative device for figured dough, which, for sure, will appeal to all lovers of beautiful home baking

must have kitchen appliances 3 (1)

4. A small folding screen that will protect the plate and work surfaces from greasy splashes

must have kitchen tools 4 (1)

5. A small rotary press for garlic, will be an excellent alternative to the old uncomfortable garlic

must have kitchen tools 5 (1)

6. The original cutting board with a convenient capacity, in which you can dump waste or add the cut ingredients

must have kitchen tools 6 (1)

7. Bright lids with special holes, able to prevent boiling away and protect the stove from possible contaminants

must have kitchen tools 7 (1)

8. A creative device that consists of a metal board with a hole and a special knife for filigree cutting of cheese into thin slices

must have kitchen tools 8 (1)

9. Special bags for the toaster to protect it from melting cheese and other dirt, it will also make your toasts look amazing! 

must have kitchen gadgets 9 (1)

10. The original nozzle on the pot, which will allow you to easily drain the liquid after cooking or neatly pour chocolate, jelly or jam over the forms

must have kitchen gadgets 10 (1)

11. A practical device for shredding onions, which will prevent possible cuts and slipping of the product

must have kitchen gadgets 11 (1)

12. A compact mixer that allows for a few minutes to prepare a small portion of cream or whip cream for your favorite drink

must have kitchen gadgets 12 (1)

13. A small device that will allow you to make a neat spiral cut on the sausage for its ideal roasting.

must have kitchen gadgets 13 (1)

14. A small bright device that will help to easily peel oranges, grapefruits, lemons and avocados.

must have kitchen gadgets 14 (1)

15. Practical cover with small holes, which will allow you to easily drain the liquid after cooking and get rid of the need to buy a gooseberry

must have kitchen gadgets 15 (1)

16. A convenient and modern device for grinding cheese, which, for sure, will appeal to all lovers of Italian cuisine

must have kitchen gadgets 16 (1)

17. A small detachable holder that will allow you to conveniently fix a spoon or scapula on the wall of a pot or frying pan

must have kitchen gadgets 17 (1)

18. A compact container for sauces, which can be attached to any plate

must have kitchen appliances 18 (1)

19. Charming saltcellars and pepper-boxes, similar to snowballs, could become the original detail of any modern kitchen

must have kitchen appliances 19 (1)

Do you own any of these must have kitchen appliances? Maybe something similar, either way, share with your friends


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