A Guy Built a Skateboard From Wood And Epoxy And The Final Result Is Pure Awesome

So a talented guy named Daniel Nelson likes to create amazing art pieces and furniture out of wood, and sometimes epoxy. Daniel once lived in Vancouver, Canada before he decided he wanted to be closer to nature and be inspired by it, so he packed his bags and moved to Kootenays where he found his peace, and much more.

Being surrounded by trees and water for so long gave him the inspiration to start creating his art, furniture design, unique tables and even this cool wood and epoxy skateboard you see below. Daniel works with clients to create one of a kind pieces that look so good they should be placed in art galleries for people to see and admire. But until this happens, we decided to feature his work here on The Awesome Daily.

The below photos are of a unique project he worked on, a skateboard made from wood and epoxy, the creative thought and execution of this item is what got our attention and we immediately decided to share it with our readers. More info: Instagram

Daniel uses wood he milled with his own two hands to create his pieces

wood epoxy skateboard 1 (1)

He then uses a special process to clean the wood and make it to the shape he desire

wood epoxy skateboard 2 (1)

After that he covers the wood in epoxy to fill in the spaces and create the final shape of the item

wood epoxy skateboard 3 (1)

In this example, it’s an awesome epoxy and driftwood skateboard!

wood epoxy skateboard 4 (1)

You can see the mold cut out just after he sliced it into shape

wood epoxy skateboard 5 (1)

This is a before picture showing the wood being filled with epoxy

wood epoxy skateboard 6 (1)

Here’s a video showing the process of making this skateboard along with another design

Daniel Nelson also creates unique one of a kind furniture to his clients, you can check more work by visiting his website and contact him directly to custom order.


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