17 Of The World’s Most Beautifully Artsy Steps

Street artists are taking over a new, yet over-looked medium; public outdoor steps.

Throughout the decade, street art has become a more widely valued and accepted form of art. However, this doesn’t mean that street artists can rest easy. The thrill of street art is the exploration of finding new ways to exploit public surfaces and turn them into beautiful, eye-popping works of art.

Similar to the hidden art of Zebrating, most of these works of art can only be truly appreciated when viewed from a particular vantage point. To someone nearby, walking up the steps, the paint may just look like randoms splotches, but from afar, the artist’s full vision can be seen. These designs range from complex images that wrap and wind the stairs, while others are just simple decorations that add color and an uplifting energy to the neighborhood.

Many of these pieces were born from community efforts, which contributes to the idea of growing acceptance of street art. For example, the mosaic steps in San Francisco were created by more than 300 people, under the guidance of a handful of artists. When the Rainbow Steps in Turkey were first painted, the local government painted over them. In response, neighboring communities painted their own steps in solidarity.

1. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

World's Most Beautifully Artsy Steps 1
image credit: yellofish.tumblr.com

World's Most Beautifully Artsy Steps 2
image credit: Jordan Wong

2: Valparaiso, Chile

stairs art 3
image credit: Jean-BaptisteYunis

3: Philadelphia Museum of Art

stairs art 4
image credit: rleigh

4: Valparaiso, Chile

stairs art 5
image credit: oueduabroad.wordpress.com

5: Seoul, South Korea

stairs art 6
image credit: Kevin Lowry

6: Wuppertal, Germany

stairs art 7
image credit:frizztext

7: Sicily, Italy

stairs art 8
image credit: Andrea Annaloro

8: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

stairs art 9
image credit: jr-art.net

9: Beirut, Lebanon

stairs art 10
image credit: Jubran E. Elias

10: Stairs to the musical theater in Seoul, South Korea

stairs art 11
image credit: Kimhwan SEQULIST

11: Stairs of Peace in Syria

stairs art 12
image credit: Jood Voluntary Team

12: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

stairs art 13
image credit: justin-travels.com

13: Angers, France

stairs art 14
image credit: Mademoiselle Maurice

14: Istanbul, Turkey

stairs art 15
image credit: DHA

15: Morlaix, France

stairs art 16
image credit: ZAG

16: Tehran, Iran

World's Most Beautifully Artsy Steps 17
image credit: farsizaban.tumblr.com

17: Beirut, Lebanon

World's Most Beautifully Artsy Steps 18
image credit: Dihzahyners Project
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