16 Years Old Special Effects Makeup Artist Loves Turning Herself Into Stunning Monsters


16-year-old Lara Wirth is a teenager with a most interesting hobby to past time. Since she was 14, Lara has been transforming herself into creatures that look like they stepped straight out of a science fiction nightmare. Lara is a self- taught Special FX artist that loves posting her creations on Instagram. Lara loves to share her work and hopes that one day she will be “discovered” and get to head the FX makeup team on a movie. Lara says she taught herself by watching YouTube videos and movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men. When Lara hits it big time, you will be able to say you saw her amazing work here first! Check out her work on Instagram!

special effects makeup artist 1 (1)

special effects makeup artist 2 (1)

special effects artist 3 (1)

special effects artist 4 (1)

special effects artist 5 (1)

special effects artist 6 (1)

special effects makeup artist 7 (1)

special effects makeup artist 8 (1)

special effects artist 9 (1)

special effects artist 10 (1)

special effects artist 11 (1)

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special effects makeup artist 14 (1)

special effects makeup artist 15 (1)

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