10 Presidents Before And After Photos That Prove Being POTUS Takes Its Toll


Would you like to be president of the USA? Who wouldn’t, right?! You only get to decide the most important questions of the most prosperous and most powerful nations in the world. But then again, thinking of responsibility that function of the President of USA is carrying with itself make you think twice. Being the president of the USA is probably one of the most stressful jobs in the world. If you are not so sure about it, you can check out in the gallery below comparative photos of 10 presidents before and after they served their country on the higher possible position. The stress definitely left its mark on all of them.

Most of the presidents on this list spent at this function at least four years, and some would say that ageing is just doing it job, like on any of us. Yet, running the country during difficult times such as World War II can wear out a person more than an ordinary 12 years job,  which is how much Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president.

Barack Obama just turned 55 years old and his presidency just finished. Check out the comparative photos from 2008 and 2016. Do you still find the President of the USA job so tempting?

1. Barack Obama 2008/2016 – The first presidents before and after on this list but the last president to serve in office

presidents before and after (1)


2. Abraham Lincoln 1861/1865

presidents before and after 2 (1)

3. Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933/1945 – spent 12 years as the presidnet

potus before and after 3 (1)

4. Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953/1961

potus before and after 4 (1)

5. Harry S. Truman 1945/1953

presidents before and after 5 (1)


6. Ronald Reagan 1981/1989

potus before and after 6 (1)

7. John F. Kennedy 1961/1963 – Only 2 short years before hw was assassinated

potus before and after 7 (1)

8. Richard Nixon 1969/1973

potus before and after 8 (1)

9. Bill Clinton 1993/2001

potus before and after 9 (1)


10. George W. Bush 2001/2009

presidents before and after 10 (1)

It’s easy to see from these photos of presidents before and after that the job of running the United The States of America takes a serious toll on your body and health. I wouldn’t want to do it personally. Please share with your friends who think being president is a piece of cake.



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