X-Men: Dark Phoenix Review

This is the time for a honest X-Men: Dark Phoenix review from a superhero movies fan’s perspective. It’s been a much awaited movie, but now it seems it disappointed fans and critics alike for its wobbly story and lifeless ending, for its poor choice of lines and cheap sentimentalism and, last but not least, for its meaningless contribution to what X-Men really  means.

I understand the critics’ harsh opinions and I also understand some fans’ disappointment. Logan still remain the big and beautiful X-Men finale, no doubt about it. Anyways, there’s an exhilarating feeling you get when going to the cinema to watch Dark Phoenix. You already know that what you’re going to see is maybe one of the most powerful characters the comics’ writers ever thought of and there’s a strange euphoria in seeing one of these characters on the big screen. I’ll explain.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix lacks a solid story

This is the main problem with this movie. While it really lets you bask into some pretty nice Dark Phoenix powers scenes, it cuts deeply into the story of it all. We first see our X-Men go on a space expedition to save a NASA team stuck into space and this is where Sansa Stark, pardon me! This is where Sophie Turner -turned Jean Grey first interacts with the immense power of the Dark Phoenix in the form of a solar explosion. Everything happens so fast. Then our heroes get back to Earth and the story starts to really go on fast forward. Jean can’t control her powers anymore, the X-Men are fighting each other. Someone dies. Then we get to see some old friends. More fighting. Then we meet an extraterrestrial race who despises all human forms apart from Jean Grey who seems to have regurgitated all their solar power. Jean Grey goes full on revenge mode, but not even this lasts, because she quickly finds out on what side she truly is and who’s her real family. 


X-Men Dark Phoenix Review

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X-Men Dark Phoenix Review

Nice Dark Phoenix power scenes

Now, we arrive at the moments, the scenes for which I went to the cinema, in the first place. There’s a strange feeling you get when you see the display of an immense power coming from a human that looks just like you. It somehow awakens your wildest  dreams and fantasies and for as much as the movie lasts, it serves as a drug, a power-induced drug. Yes, the Dark Phoenix scenes were impressive, as they last, but the general feeling by the end of the movie was: “is this all? Is this how it’s going to end?”

I’m not saying it was a bad movie. All I’m saying is that it gave me the feeling it was missing something, something important, like a plot twist. The moment you see them in that train fighting together, you know this is actually the final battle, together with some Dark Phoenix action and that’s all. Just that?

X-Men Dark Phoenix Review

X-Men Dark Phoenix Review

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