17 Books of life that everyone should read in their lifetime

life in books

“It’s OK. Everything is OK. I’m fine!”. Maybe one of the most frequent lies we hear and tell during our lives, but I’m sure there are a thousand more of this kind. We are humans and we make mistakes and we have to live with those mistakes and that’s how we develop a defense mechanism that works mostly by lying to ourselves, waiting for the storm to pass so we can say “it was a long time ago” or just deciding “there’s no need to worry about that” when actually there is every reason to do so.

Yeeees, we are complicated, but we seem to work it out fine in the end and these books of life might be the right thing to read today. They open your eyes to some of the deepest truths that we hide inside ourselves. They are also hilarious because they’re so universally relatable. I don’t think there’s any of you here who hasn’t done one of the things these book titles subliminally describe. So, have a tea, sit comfortably, scroll down and read these 17 book titles and think about how you’d actually write these books if it were up to you. It might work as a useful session of introspection and that’s what we all need from time to time.

1. The book of all

life in books

2. Some vicious circle

life in books2

3. Get over it!

life in books3

4. A sad, sad story

life in books4

5. A dangerous read

life in books5

6. A good book to read on your way to work

life in books6

7. “Oops, I did it again!”

life in books7

8. Our own little world is where problems no longer occur

life in books8

9. This is a MUST!

life in books9

10. Should I really read this?

life in books10

11. Tomorrow is the land of dreams

life in books12

12. “I should have” is a hard phrase

life in books13

13. The book of reckless innocence. It might be a good read

life in books14

14. We live in the century of boredom

life in books15

15. It looks like a happy life on the outside

life in books16

16. This I’d like to read

life in books17

17. The trick of the mind

life in books11

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