Stunning Woven Chair Is Comfortable AF By Veega Tankun

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When it comes to design, we have a soft spot for unique items, and when we first saw this cool woven chair we knew this will be a big hit and i’m sure you will love it too. London based designer Veega Tankun is a newly graduated student from the University of Brighton.

It’s clear to see that Tankun has a strong sense of aesthetic and she really knows how to work with various materials to create her amazing designs. This cool woven chair is also created with the gifted hands of Veega and it looks really comfortable to sit on right?

She used oversized knit tubes to make this and she says that she is fascinated with rejuvenating old techniques in her designs. She loves to use and insert traditional production methods into her modern designs and color palettes. ”

Traditional doesn’t always mean old and outdated, the trick is to make something that we know new and exciting again.” Don’t think that this woven chair is the only thing Veega created, you can visit her Instagram account to see more works and even some of her items are being displayed at the London’s Top Drawer starting next month. It’s worth checking out.

Sitting on this woven chair watching TV or just reading a book will be a cool experience

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The designer used oversized knit tubes to make this cool chair

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It’s like sitting on a giant wool ball relaxing with your favorite show or book

Woven Chair 4 (1)

You can see that the frame of the chair is pretty simple, making this item look classic but modern at the same time

Woven Chair 5 (1)

Like sitting on a cloud

Woven Chair 6 (1)


Here’s a complete look of this awesome chair, if you ever tried sitting on this chair please let us know in the comments section

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