16 Ridiculously Stunning Western United States Aerial Photos By Photographer Niaz Uddin

Niaz Uddin is photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Uddin’s speciality is taking pictures from extraordinary heights. Aerial, drone, and travel photography that Uddin takes are simply breathtaking. Sometimes he flies with doors off a helicopter and capture the beauty of nature from 15,000 feet above the sea level. Spectacular pictures from a bird-eye perspective of the American West is what you are about to see scrolling down the page. Take your time to enjoy them because they are really appealing and give a sense of harmony to the observer. Also, check out what the artist said to BuzzFeed about his interesting western united states project.

1. Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, California – the first in the western united states aerial photos gallery

western united states ariel photos (1)

“I am thrilled about how technological advances are paving the way for artists and creators to take photography, art, and creative endeavours to the next level.”

2. Grand Teton National Park in Northwestern Wyoming

western united states ariel photos 2 (1)

“My focus is to show the new perspectives, visuals, and ideas about our world. As you know, there are hundreds of thousands of amazing photos out there. Living in such an era, doing something different requires us to have a different set of tools, knowledge, and ideas.”

3. Airplane Home in Hillsboro, Oregon

western united states ariel photos 3 (1)

“I am working to take photography to the next level and capture the images that photographers were previously unable to produce.”

4. Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California

western united states ariel photos 4 (1)

“A little over two years ago I gifted myself a camera for my birthday to capture special moments when travelling. I initially took up photography completely for fun. Over time, I began to see the power of the camera. Since then I have been learning every day and continuing to educate myself in order to grow as a photographer.”

5. Exploring the Pacific Northwest

western united states ariel photos 5 (1)

“I love the challenge of capturing unique ideas and perspectives, and to do so I had to find creative ways to differentiate my photography. The magic started to happen when I discovered aerial photography.”

6. Manhattan Beach, California

western united states ariel photos 6 (1)

“I am obsessed with creation. Every part of the process, from imagining a photo to finally capturing the image, brings me so much joy and happiness. I truly live and breathe these photographs and feel an emotional connection to the pictures I capture.”

7. Teton Mountain, Wyoming

western united states ariel photos 7 (1)

“I have always loved the outdoors, but being able to capture moments in nature and share them with an audience is truly my passion. Taking these photos is not about the money for me. So long as I am able to continue exploring, hiking, camping, and staying up all night watching the stars and the Milky Way, I will continue to create.”

8. Lost in the Pacific Northwest

western united states ariel photos 8 (1)

“Recently I did a solo road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle. I drove almost 4,000 miles in seven days. I took photos all around San Francisco, Oregon, and Washington. I never thought I could do all these by myself. A few months ago I went to Wyoming to shoot in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. It was much colder than I expected, and I had to fly to take some aerial shots.”

9. Sunset Over Santa Monica Pier, California

western united states ariel photos 9 (1)

I took the doors off a plane and went up 15,000 feet to shoot the amazing Grand Tetons and Grand Prismatic Spring. The temperature was about -5ºF at sea level, but -20ºF at 14,000 to 15,000 feet. It was also extremely windy. Although I took plenty of warm clothes [with me], it was a very challenging environment. I remember shaking from the cold, but I refused to give up. We flew for about two hours and I was able to capture some amazing photos.”

10. Lake Tahoe, on the Border of California and Nevada

western united states ariel photos 10 (1)

“Before this experience, I didn’t realise that I could push my limits so far. Photography continues to teach me to reach beyond my limits and to chase the next big thing. I am more courageous because of it. Photography has really changed my life.”

11. Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

western united states ariel photos 11 (1)

“We can always push past our boundaries to do the things that we truly love. No one needs permission to become excellent at their craft. If we choose to follow our passion and give our best efforts, I believe that is when the magic happens.”

12. Horseshoe Bend Near Page, Arizona

western united states ariel photos 12 (1)

“Each one of my photos is like a baby to me. A lot of work — including everything from doing research to shots planning to monitoring weather andtravelling— goes into each and every picture. But I have to say that the picture of the Grand Tetons is my favourite. It was taken at dusk, 15,000 feet above sea level over Grand Tetons.”

13. Autumn in Park City, Utah

western united states ariel photos 13 (1)

“I love the way the clouds were gradually covering the Teton Mountains and the sun was gently illuminating the top of Teton at dusk.”

14. Mammoth Lakes, California

western united states ariel photos 14 (1)

“I am really excited about my upcoming projects. I feel that we are living in a very exciting time that allows us the opportunity to take incredible photos that will inspire people and provide the ability to communicate messages that can effect positive change in our society.”

15. Laguna Beach, California

western united states ariel photos 15 (1)

“I have started working on a documentary film, an aerial book, and a few other ambitious projects that I think will do just that.”

16. Sunset Over Downtown Los Angeles

western united states ariel photos 16 (1)

Want more? Check out Niaz Uddin’s website or follow him on Instagram.



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