Venus The Two Faced Cat Is Breaking The Internet For Real

This cat is real, let’s start with that. You can easily think that somebody has been playing with too much makeup with this adorable cat, but Venus the cat is really real.

The five-year-old cat has exploded on the internet recently because of her unique face which is black as night on one side, and orange on the other.

Venus The Two Faced Cat 3

Another cool thing that this kitten has is two different eye colors, one eye is yellow and the other is blue. Venus already have 924,000 likes on her facebook page and a lot of followers on YouTube. When will this cat start selling merchandise? Wait, it just did! The cute animal already appeared on National Geographic and other US TV shows and in a few interviews she did the issue whether or not she is fake frequently comes up.

Her usual response to the haters is ” I’m 100 percent natural. No makeup at all. Not even eyeliner. In the salon where i get my pedicures done, Photoshop and spray paint aren’t even allowed “

Some have even questioned if Venus is actually Chimera, the mythical monster made of lions, goats and snakes. so Everybody just chill! She is real, and she is FAB. More info: Facebook | Instagram

Venus The Two Faced Cat 2

two face cat 4

two face cat 5

two face cat 6

two face cat 7

two face cat 8

two face cat 9

Venus The Two Faced Cat 10

Venus The Two Faced Cat 11

Source: Imgur


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