People Are Loving These Unique Decorated Cakes That Look Almost Too Good To Eat

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Cakes are simply tempting especially when it looks delectably tasty. But what is even more exciting about cakes is you have boundless opportunities to make new and impressive designs that will make you famous not because of the taste but the cake design itself. Her secret is she manage to make most of her cakes with a shiny like texture that gives them a glossy look that is just almost too good to eat. Almost.

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Olga Noskova who is a cake maker, has acquired a huge number of followers on Instagram by creating unique decorated cakes that not only look amazing, but taste good. Take the one you see below, it looks like a huge candy that you just want to put in your mouth and let it melt, but you can’t, because it’s a cake and too big so you have to eat it in little pieces, but i digrest, you got the picture

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I mean look at them, they are like huge sweet candies that waters inside your mouth.

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They are undeniably perfectly designed! No flaws

unique design cakes 12 (1)

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unique decorative cakes 14 (1)

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Her cakes are so shiny and well built that you can actually see reflections in them, isn’t this amazing!

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Not all Olga’s unique decorated cakes are glossy and shiny, take this for example. This is a beautiful nutmeg cake that looks like the stuff my dreams are made off

unique decorative cakes 11 (1)

Even the inside of the cakes looks perfect, look at it, it’s flawless

unique decorative cakes 8 (1)

Look at this blue hearted shiny cake that has a bite in it. OMG right?@!

unique decorated cakes 6 (1)

Or this creamy purple delight that looks like a marble plate

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Source: buzzfeed


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