Tube Scarf That Covers All Body And Makes You Look Like a Giant Worm From Outer Space Is Only $230

Fashion and fashion trends are quite whimsical concepts that change very swiftly and most often you don’t really understand them. You can either go with the flow or just stand up against change. It’s your choice, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t read about the latest trends just to keep in touch with what’s trending right now.

Thus, you will be surprised or not to see that a mega-scarf that will make you look like a giant sock is actually selling for £210. Yes, you will actually look like a big worm from outer space while wearing this tube scarf, but it is fashion, right? It is the creation of a Bulgarian designer label Dukyana who is hoping that this mohair tube scarf will turn into this winter’s must-have item.

So far, shoppers don’t seem too impressed by this armless design that you can’t really put in any category: is it a scarf? is it a sweater? is it a dress? Who knows? It makes women look a little bit shapeless and vendors are not too interested in acquiring it. The item is designed for long walks in the park during winter time, when you need something to keep you warm, but there are some who say that the very design of this gigantic scarf is an impediment to walking.

The label declares that the scarf is a real fashion statement which shall be seriously taken into consideration by women who don’t want to play by the rules of wearing tight clothes that show their body. We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to present the facts. So, we think it all comes down to the simple question: “do you like it or not?” If you like it, go with it, buy it and wear it proudly!

Will you wear this giant tube scarf by Dukyana?

tube scarf 1 (1) tube scarf 2 (1)

Image source:DUKYANA

People are not really sure if it’s a scarf, sweater or something new

tube scarf 3 (1) tube scarf 4 (1)

Image source: DUKYANA

Here’s a male version of the huge tube scarf ( this is not by the same designer )

tube scarf 5 (1) tube scarf 6 (1)

People had some fun with this on social media. Can you blame them?

tube scarf 7 (1) tube scarf 8 (1)


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