This Place Is Serving Ice Cream On Giant Cotton Candy Clouds And My Life Is Complete

Ice cream is the stuff of angeles, no argument there. It’s possibly the best and most delicious treat humans ever created and it deserves to be treated with the utmost care and respect. And this place called Room For Dessert has really took this statement seriously. More info: RoomForDessert

The cafe place in the Philippines is an expert in making premium soft ice cream that is served on a delicious fairy floss in the form of huge cotton candy cloud. From now on this is the only way i eat ice cream.


YES! What they do is surrounds the the cone with a huge cloud of cotton candy and then tops this off with ice cream!

It’s like the ice cream is literally resting on a big cloud of sweet cotton candy


If you ever manage to go to this magical place, 100 percent you will just take a big fat nap on one of these babies

And then wake up and eat the whole store LOL


Did you ever see anything so magical as this? We featured a lot of yummy food over the years, but this is one of the best ones

The staff at this cafe handles the ice cream and cotton candy with such care, it’s like doing surgery with chocolate and sugar


This one has yummy fruit loops to top it off, AMAZING!

We only have one question after looking at these yummy ice cream cones


You really eat this? Or do you just stare at it because it’s magical

Some people like to just go savage on it and put the face inside the cotton candy and eat away


While some take the more gentle approach and with the amount of respect it deserves

I’m more of a put my head inside this cloud of good time and never look back


Now don’t judge this place too fast, Room For Dessert also offer other things and not just ice cream. You can get some hot and iced coffee, fruit smoothies and a few sandwiches.

Now i personally don’t live in the Philippines, so i might just go there only to try this out, it will be worth it i’m sure. But if any of our fans is close by and want to share a photo of this amazing treat in action, please do.


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