70 Kids Say The Funniest Things Examples That Make You Love And Adore Children

It’s a fact that kids say the most hilarious things and while sometimes what they say make no sense at all, sometimes they hit right on the money. Kids are honest most of the time, and more often than not, they’re just funny!

In the gallery below you can see examples of kids say the funniest things because we want to make you laugh, and if you have kids of your own, this will be even funnier to you right? Make sure to share with us which line was your favorite.

1. Well the first example of the kids say funny things is a good one.

kids say the funniest things (1)

2. Boys make me mad, that’s what i feel for them

kids say the funniest things 2 (1)

3. Why do bad guys always try to take over? They want to be moms

kids say the funniest things 3 (1)

4. On weekends too?! Jesus Christ

kids say hilarious things 4 (1)

5. The mom of this kids say the funniest stuff should be proud. Or terrified

kids say hilarious things 5 (1)

6. You should have started yelling at us earlier

kids say hilarious things 6 (1)

7. He’s handsome and i like his shirt

kids say hilarious things 7 (1)

8. I am still swimming in my daddy’s balls, so there for hilarious things kids say

kids say hilarious things 8 (1)

9. What did i earn for being a good boy today?

kids say hilarious things 9 (1)

10. I’m not married to you, not my job! Priceless

kids say hilarious things 10 (1)

11. What’s the difference between a hipster and hamster?

kids say hilarious things 11 (1)

12. I will fart at your head

kids say hilarious things 12 (1)

13. Mom, You were my best friend until i actually got friends. Ouch!

kids say hilarious things 13 (1)

14. What happens if your phone goes in the potty?

kids say hilarious things 14 (1)

15. You’re an accident, mom

kids say hilarious things 15 (1)

16. I want the baby to be Batman!

shit kids say 16 (1)

17. I’m not cheating. I’m only helping myself win

shit kids say 17 (1)

18. Hilarious things kids say – You have to have a back story to why you’re evil right?

shit kids say 18 (1)

19. You’re such an idiot mom! Classic kids say the funniest things

shit kids say 19 (1)

20. stuff kids say that is funny AF – perfect example

shit kids say 20 (1)

21. Can you quiz me on my book? Only read it once

shit kids say 21 (1)

22. My wiener wants to come out and see people

shit kids say 22 (1)

23. I can’t believe i just said that

shit kids say 23 (1)

24. This man will die soon right? Shhh!

shit kids say 24 (1)

25. This kid said the funniest thing the other day

shit kids say 25 (1)

26. OMG Funniest things kids say!

shit kids say 26 (1)

27. Can’t wait for this plane to crash. Thanks kid, That’s not a funny thing to say

shit kids say 27 (1)

28. I need a man up and get a job

kids say funny things 28 (1)

29. But we’re kids, it’s our jobs to be annoying. This kid is smart

kids say funny things 29 (1)

30. I’d like to go to heaven but you can’t smoke weed there.

kids say funny things 30 (1)

31. I’m gonna go make her something and say it’s from him

kids say funny things 31 (1)

32. Mom, you need to shave your legs

kids say funny things 32 (1)

33. You ruined my whole life #shitmykidssay

kids say funny things 33 (1)

34. My 10 year old kid ” I’m not used to being in the double digits, I’m old! ” REALLY?!

kids say funny things 34 (1)

35. You owe $12 to mom for landing on her vagina

kids say funny things 35 (1)

36. Person who invented homework is the worse inventor ever

kids say funny things 36 (1)

37. Not quite diarrhea, just a slithery dump

kids say funny things 37 (1)

38. Did the doctor put something in your butt to make babies not come out again?

kids say funny things 38 (1)

39. I put my phone on airplane mode but it didn’t fly. Kids say the funniest things done right

kids say funny things 39 (1)

40. He is bigger than mine, It’s huge!

stuff my kids say 40 (1)

41. I hate people!

stuff my kids say 41 (1)

42. See you back at home my tasty mango

stuff my kids say 42 (1)

43. I don’t know Spanish!

stuff my kids say 43 (1)

44. Mama! I want to talk about compost

stuff my kids say 44 (1)

45. You be quiet or i’ll kick you in the face.

stuff my kids say 45 (1)

46. You’re own speaker phone with my fish mom

stuff my kids say 46 (1)

47. Twinkies are filled with cream and hopes and dreams

stuff my kids say 47 (1)

48. Daddy, your job is to kill the spiders in our house.

stuff my kids say 48 (1)

49. Dad, my nose is about to puke with weird air

stuff my kids say 49 (1)

50. I won’t fart on you this time, promise! The kid said

stuff my kids say 50 (1)

51. Mommy, can you catch my poop please?

stuff my kids say 51 (1)

52. Look, a garage sale!

shit my kids say 52 (1)

53. Mama, i love you, and your ipad

shit my kids say 53 (1)

54. My mom has stinky farts. For realz

shit my kids say 54 (1)

55. Close your butthole please, geez

shit my kids say 55 (1)

56. If a clown was a donkey, would that be funny?

shit my kids say 56 (1)

57. I want to see the bottom of the floor when i take a bath

shit my kids say 57 (1)

58. They are really old, are they dead? Kids about grandma

shit my kids say 58 (1)

59. My dad forgets stuff. All the time

shit my kids say 59 (1)

60. Eating a red apple is like taking a bite of an old person. Kids say the funniest things

shit my kids say 60 (1)

61. I want to see the Snapchat filters while on the bathroom

shit my kids say 61 (1)

62. She was probably dropping a log

shit my kids say 62 (1)

63. Your armpits smell like horse slobber

shit my kids say 63 (1)

64. I kicked my brother into the bath, that’s why you heard the crying.

shit my kids say 64 (1)

65. I’ve got pizza in my butt crack. Shit kids say

shit my kids say 65 (1)

66. What if everyday was the weekend – mind blown!

shit my kids say 66 (1)

67. The easter bunny poops jelly beans

shit my kids say 67 (1)

68. Bend over daddy so i can put this in. Why?

shit my kids say 68 (1)

69. You don’t want to be an astronaut when you grow up.

shit my kids say 69 (1)

70. Is it a big poop?

kids say the funniest things 70 (1)



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