This Bed Provides Comfort And Companionship


Now this is love. A manufacturer in Japan recently got the clever idea of creating a sofa bed that resembled the beloved Baymax character from the Disney hit Big Hero 6.

baymax bed by dena 1


The design of the sleeper is similar to that of a large bean bag chair with large arms. The difference between a traditional chair and this bed, however, is the level of comfort that Baymax delivers.

baymax bed by dena 2

Owners of this bed can get a full night’s sleep without tossing and turning to find a better position.

baymax bed by dena 3

This piece of furniture rivals the traditional sofa bed in that it is more plush. Laying on this bed is like relaxing on a very large pillow.

baymax bed by dena 4

The Baymax sleeper is a big hit in Japan. Individuals in other countries who want to purchase the furniture piece should go here. Learn more about the bed at the manufacturer’s website.

baymax bed by dena 5

Source: Boredpanda

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