These Totoro Cakes Are Just Too Cute To Eat


If you or someone you love is a big fan of Japanimation, we think you will agree that these totoro cakes look almost too good to eat. These decorators have outdone themselves by using bright colors and bold choices that result in some of the most original cakes we have seen in awhile.

For your next birthday, make a wish to celebrate with a totoro cake sporting the characters from My friend Totoro, or the haunting spirits featured in Spirited Away. These beautiful totoro cakes are truly works of art. Whether you choose Totoro, the Earth spirit, Wind dragon, Cat bus, or No-name, you will not be disappointed! We bet that these cool cakes taste as good as they look!

From different types of cute animals to mystical creatures, these totoro cakes have all the designs

Totoro Cakes 1


Adorable owl designs just sitting on a tree wishing you a happy birthday

totoro cake 2

The cat here looks just like it should, amazing!

totoro cake 3

Totoro is our favorite forest spirit and like many other great things, it comes from Japan

totoro cake 4

Laying back with your inner child playing with you, this cake is stunning

totoro cake 5


Perfect design! amazing work – ride the lightning

totoro cake 6

Hello friends! I love you all please eat me i’m a delicious cake LOL

totoro cake 7

The forest love this mystical creature, like a lot of other kids in Japan

totoro cake 8

The cool movie characters look great on the cakes

totoro cake 9


So much detail went into the designs that you feel bad ruining them and eat them

totoro cake 10

The TARDIS – can you get anything better than that? NOPE

totoro cake 11

The smile is a little bit creepy, but still looks great

totoro cake 12

Fruit cake

totoro cake 13


Feeling embarrassed cake

totoro cake 14

Hiding between the leaves

totoro cake 15

The kid is so happy he won’t ever eat this cake

totoro cake 16

totoro cake 17

So many chocolate cookies

totoro cake 18

Totoro Cakes 19

Totoro Cakes 20

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