Are You Hungry? These Steak Cattle And Roll Burgers From Glasgow Will Make You Drool All Over The Place


If you’re hungry right now, we don’t recommend you look at these steak cattle and roll meals and read on. But if you’re hungry and a little sadist, yes, go on! What you are about to see here are some kick-ass burgers that will get you salivating in a matter of seconds. Please, watch out! What you’re watching right now is called foodporn.

The first on our list is called “The Snack” like in “The Thing”. It’s a little monster and cute as well, only 3 onion rings, two burgers, blue cheese, sausages and cajun sauce. No big deal.

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers (1)


But if it isn’t enough for you, you can try “The Stack” which is… well, you will see it below.

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 2 (1)

If this foodporn is not enough for you, we can get a little more filthy with some wild creature made of 2 deep-fried mac and cheese patties.

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 3 (1)

If you’re one profane type of guy who doesn’t care about customs and habits and all that, you can go for a Cheetos burger with a lot of cheesy puffs. Filthy enough?

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 4 (1)

No, then how about a burger topped with chips, curd, crispy bacon, aioli and gravy?

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 5 (1)


Or you can go for the beast: a giant burger smothered in chili mac and cheese, with bacon and some more cheese, of course and jalapenos and cheese again. Say “cheese!”

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 6 (1)

Or how about a doughnut burger?

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 7 (1)

Hmm…too much for us, but we’ll try the special fries with cajun coating, fried chicken stripes, garlic butter, seared ribeye strips and jalapenos.

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 8 (1)

And then we complete the meal with some insane mac and cheese-filled toasties with little surprises, like candied bacon crumbs. Ohh, well…

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 9 (1)


And after this feast is over, the feast is not over, actually, because you have to go for the desert. How about a giant freak shake? No, how about 2 giant freakshakes? Bon Appetite!

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 10 (1)

Honestly, could this be any better? We don’t think so and so does the team at steak cattle and roll

Steak Cattle and Roll burgers 11 (1)


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